The idea first came to one of the two co-founders, Pierrot Lebel, who wanted to stop always having to unpack and repack his son's hockey bag after practise. He wanted to save time and space in his home and avoid the mess caused when having to air-dry equipment.

At the end of 2008, Pierrot made his first rudimentary prototype and showed it to Jean-François Vézina, who was an assistant coach of his sons' team. Since both founders had the same values, their partnership developed naturally.

Throughout the entire product development period, the objective was always to help players and parents by providing a comprehensive solution as well as a product that does not compromise on quality.

After several years of experimenting and fine-tuning the product, the DRYSNAKE bag was placed on the market in 2014 and allows hockey equipment to be dried efficiently without needing to be removed from the bag. Its ventilated and flexible supports adjust to the size of the equipment for many years of fun playing hockey without any problems with your equipment!

It is important for DRYSNAKE to be attentive to the needs of customers. That's why DRYSNAKE technology has been adapted for other sports and there are still bags that are under development.