Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Drysnake bag?

The purpose of the Drysnake bag is to dry the sports equipment in depth without removing it from the bag to help reduce the growth of bacteria and control odors of sports equipment while avoiding mess at home and forgetting, saving time, performing in better conditions with dry equipment and protecting its equipment by offering better maintenance.

Is the Drysnake bag resistant?

The fabric used to make this bag is the same kind that is used to make truck tarps, meaning it is very resistant. Furthermore, all the components used such as zippers, polyurethane wheels, aeration net, etc. are high-quality. The bag has been designed and is manufactured in Canada.

How long does it take for the Drysnake bag to dry equipment?

It all depends on the room humidity and temperature. In a dry environment, it may take a few hours. In a humid environment, it is recommended that the bag be stored near a heat source to improve the drying time. The bag can remain closed during drying since there has mesh ventilation to let out moisture. The Drysnake bag uses ambient air to dry your equipment which keeps the flexibility of the fabric of the equipment. It is important to note that the bag can be plugged all the time without problem.

What is the cost in electricity to use the bag?

A minimum energy consumption of approximately 7 Watts is required to make the Drysnake bag work. This is approximately 7 times less electricity than a 50 Watt light bulb, therefore very little impact on the electricity bill.

After the drying period, is the equipment completely dry?

Since the supports (tubes) are adapted to the various pieces of equipment, they efficiently dry each piece of equipment.

Does the Drysnake bag also dry clothes?

Clothes can be minimally dried but the bag is designed first and foremost to dry off equipment that cannot go in the drier. It is suggested that underwear be washed and jerseys and socks be hung up after a training session.

How are odours controlled during drying?

With its in-depth drying, the Drysnake bag helps to reduce the growth of mold and mold associated odors without guaranteeing total protection. Deodorizing cartridges with a fresh cotton scent release molecules that neutralize bad odours. It is recommended that the cartridges be changed after one month of use.

Can I use the Drysnake bag in my car?

Yes. A power supply cable that can be plugged into a car lighter is sold separately.

Can the sport bag be used both by adults and children?

Yes. The bag is designed to store both adult and children's equipment. Each piece of equipment has its place in the bag, which allows the storage space to be optimized. Note that the Pro bag for Hockey player measures 2 inches higher than the Deluxe bag for Hockey player.

What are the dimensions and the weight of the bag?

Click on the link "See Datasheet" on the page of each product.

Does the bag have wheels for transportation?

Yes. Some Drysnake bag models has the same polyurethane wheels that are used on rollerblades. Furthermore, they have ball bearings that are silent during transportation.