Designed by hockey players, for hockey players.

The only bag that dries your equipment

Here are some reasons why Drysnake is an absolute game changer.

Did you know hockey equipment can smell good?

Are you tired of hearing complaints about the odour of your gear at home or shy about opening your bag beside your teammates because of the smell?
We all agree that a stinky hockey bag smells like no other. But the odour, as bad as it is, isn't the only problem that can occur when equipment isn't dried properly. The smell indicates that mildew and mold have started to grow.

When using your Drysnake bag, your gear will always smell fresh!

Saves time & efforts

We know by experience that when getting home after an intense game, the last thing you want to do is take out your
equipment and scatter it around for it to dry correctly.

Not only will you save a lot of time, but your bag will dry quicker and smell better than taking your equipment out of the bag to dry.

With Drysnake, it takes seconds. It's as simple as opening the flap and plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Protect your health

Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments like damp gear bags. When left to grow and multiply, the bacteria can become dangerous and spread disease and illness from player to player. Mold can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Yeast and other fungi can cause skin rashes or infections and irritate your body. Because hockey is a contact sport, cuts and abrasions are common, and bacteria-laden gear can introduce diseases into your body.

By removing the moisture from your equipment, bacteria won't have what they require to live. 

No more mess

Times, when you had to spread your gear all over the house is over!
Yes, other solutions exist to dry your equipment without laying it on the floor. But do you really want to have an ugly tree always taking space in the house and having to disassemble and reassemble for tournaments?
* Drysnake bags are ideal for limited space.

With Drysnake, the only time your gear leaves the bag is to wear it!

No more forgetting

Every season, you have teammates dressing up to realize they have forgotten a piece of equipment (why does this always have to happen when far from home?).
Even worse, it could be you!

We've got you back! It never happens to Drysnake owners since their equipment stays in the bag.

Perform in the best conditions

One of the worst feelings as an athlete is putting back on soaked gear. On tournament weekends, we couldn't get out of it. Now you can! In your Drysnake bag, your equipment will be 80% dry in about 2 hours under normal conditions. You can even dry your bag in the car while at the restaurant between your games.

Never start a game again with wet gloves slipping on your stick.

Protect your investment

Bacterial growth and moisture can cause hockey gear to deteriorate prematurely due to corrosive qualities.
The mold you might find under your kitchen sink due to leaky plumbing is the same kind of mold that can take up residence in the damp environment inside your sports equipment. Over time, if left untreated, mold may render your equipment less effective by eating away at the fabric and other materials, such as foam padding. Mold can
develop in a damp environment within just 24 hours.

Drysnake owners don’t get their expensive
gear to deteriorate prematurely.


The bag itself is standard weight for a high quality bag. The drying structure ads 5,5 pounds to the bag.

In 3 hours, you would probably consider your equipment dry. We suggest you leave it pluged overnight to make sure all the content of the bag is 100% dry.

* The time required will vary depending on how soaked your equipment is, the ambiant temperature, and humidity level.

The fan we use are built to cool down servers room 24/7. They can run as long as you want!

Their lifetime is 70 000 hours, that's about 2 900 days of continuous running!

For the moment, we only sell online via secure checkout.

We recommend changing them once a month.