The easiest and most effective way to keep your equipment mould and odor-free!


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Hockey equipment is known for smelling like no other. Let's see how to change that!

Some players never open their bags between games, and they smell so bad that it makes their teammates' stomachs turn then they sit next to them. Those not willing to be nicknamed ''The Reeker'' will open their bags to dry the equipment but stink their apartment, car, and, unfortunately, their loved ones. Players get used to the odour, but their surroundings never do! Isn't it tiring to hear your parents, girlfriend, siblings, and roommate complaining? Sadly,
the most upsetting part is even when making an effort to spread out the gear
for drying, the smell compounds and gets to a point where your hands still
smell ''Hockey'' even after washing them! You've been telling yourself for
years that it's just part of the game; well, not anymore! 


Although the scent is a major issue, it's far from being the worst problem you've got!

Foul odours result from mould and bacteria. Take a second and remember the last time you'd
had to open a forgotten food container that smelled really bad; what did it look like? That good old hockey bag, which is rarely disinfected, is an environment inhabited by a vast microscopic ecosystem: bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. No matter how tall or strong you are, they can be vicious and cause severe health problems. If your equipment stinks strongly, it
gets overtaken with hideous fungus.

SWIPE RIGHT! You'll see how to solve the issue.


Let me simplify the problem for you. First, we've got to ask what fungi and mould
require to grow and survive. They need three things: oxygen, food, and water.
What makes bacteria thrive? Damp environments. Removing the oxygen from the
equation is impossible except if you live on another planet. As for the food
part, they eat a mixture of sweat, dead skin cells (that's one of the reasons
under layers are essential), and other stuff.

You have the most power regarding your equipment's water/humidity level. That explains why the first thing post-disaster specialists do when a house has been flooded is install enormous
ventilators to dry the place. In essence, remove the humidity, and your quest is almost finished.

SWIPE RIGHT! Golden nugget ahead.

Speed is critical; the equipment must be dry in depth as fast as possible.

If you're like most players, you spread out your equipment to let it dry as recommended.
Even though you put in the time and effort, it still smells and leaves you wondering what's happening. It's a matter of time. By the time the equipment is dry, they've had time to multiply a lot. Harvard explains that some bacteria can double their number of cells as fast as every 20 minutes in the right environment. Gloves and skates smell the worst because they take more time to dry.

Why does it work so well?

What separates us from everything done in the past is LOCALIZED VENTILATION. Placing the equipment over the pipes ensures that all equipment dries in depth. They
all have specific hole patterns to ensure the air goes where it's most needed. Thanks to the powerful integrated ventilator, it dries more effectively and faster than any other drying method by exchanging the air 20 times per minute. The fan blows on two deodorizing cartridges diffusing FRESHPLEX™ (patented molecules for malodour counteractant solution) to ensure your gear always smells fresh. Plus, it doesn't leave space for excuses; it's super easy to use and effortless.

Here's a 45 sec video to show how the magic operates.

Don't get fooled into thinking you don't need a Drysnake bag since you already have a hockey bag.

How many of the following benefits does your bag provide you?

It isn't a hockey bag; it's a game-changer.


After a game, we know the last thing you want to do is taking out your equipment and scatter it around for it to dry correctly.

That's why our bag requires minimal time and effort.

Stop stinking your house, car, teammates, and, most importantly, your loved ones. Wouldn't it be nice never to hear the woman in your life complaining about the smell of your equipment again?

Your equipment will smell fresh!

Tournament + hotel room + Soaked equipment = Mom's nightmareNot anymore; leave everything in the bag and enjoy the scent of the deodorizing cartridges diffusing FRESHPLEX™.

After all she does, she deserves it!

Do you live in a tight space? Don't worry; you won't need to hang your equipment all over the place anymore!

The only time your gear leaves the bag is to wear it!

We have your back if you play during the day and must go back to school or work before you can dry your equipment.

It can dry in your car with a cigarette lighter outlet or a small battery.

Are you tired of seeing that ugly tree or equipment all over the floor? From now on, the only thing you'll see is the bag.

Leave the spotlight to the actual

One of the worst feelings as an athlete is putting back on soaked gear. You can dry your bag in the car at the restaurant between games.

Never start a game again with wet gloves slipping on your stick.

Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments like damp gear bags. When left to grow and multiply, the bacteria can become dangerous and spread disease and illness from player to player. Mould can cause respiratory problems and other health issues.
Yeast and other fungi can cause skin rashes or infections and irritate your
body. Because hockey is a contact sport, cuts and abrasions are common, and
bacteria-laden gear can introduce diseases into your body. By removing the
moisture from your equipment, bacteria won't have what they require to thrive.

Protect your health.

How many times have you left a piece of equipment to dry in a different spot and forgotten to pack it? It's the absolute worst feeling for a hockey player. It's
actually not as bad as scoring in your own goal, but still.

No more forgetting

Funguses and mould cause hockey gear to deteriorate prematurely due to corrosive qualities. Considering the price of the equipment, leaving it to deteriorate is a terrible idea.

Protect your investment

Some people pay 429 CAD for a hockey that will last a month or two.
Wise people will use their money better and get a Drysnake bag that will last years and for less.

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The bag is not a lot heavier than a traditional one

In under 3 hours, your equipment should be dry. We suggest you leave it plugged overnight to make sure all the content of the bag is 100% dry.

* The time required will vary depending on how soaked your equipment is, the ambient temperature, and humidity level.

The fan we use are built to cool down servers room 24/7. They can run as long as you want!

Their lifetime is 70 000 hours, that's about 2 900 days of continuous running!

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We recommend changing them once a month.