Odor eliminator DRYSNAKE+


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The odor eliminator DRYSNAKE+ is a readily biodegradable biotechnological product. It contains non-pathogenic bacteria. It is formulated to eliminate foul odors coming from sports equipment, carpets, fabrics, urine, trash cans, cigarettes, animals, etc. DRYSNAKE+ advantageously replaces traditional chemicals.

A quality bag designed to last:

  • Very resistant PVC-coated vinyl, which is used to manufacture truck tarps.
  • Quality #10 zippers to ensure sturdiness and ease of use.
  • High-grade aeration mesh fosters the evacuation of humidity.
  • Piping reinforces the outer seams and resists cold without cracking.
  • Polyurethane rollerblade wheels mounted on ball bearings (on models with wheels).

Customs fees may be charged upon delivery for orders outside of Canada. No charge for order under 800$ in the USA. For international customers, it should be noted that the bag is made to operate with 110 volts current.