Deodorizing cartridges



Deodorizing cartridge that releases molecules to neutralize bad odors by giving off a smell of fresh cotton.

Standard perfumes do not eliminate malodours; they simply mask them temporarily. The brain is still able to detect these unpleasant aromas, added to the perfume which can sometimes make the situation worse.

FRESHPLEX™ molecules are truly innovative in that they fight these unpleasant odours. MANE tested the effectiveness of its patented ingredients against molecules representative of unpleasant smells and complex malodours in various situations and conditions. This process ensured that all molecules selected were effective in fighting bad odours.

A quality bag designed to last:

  • Very resistant PVC-coated vinyl, which is used to manufacture truck tarps.
  • Quality #10 zippers to ensure sturdiness and ease of use.
  • High-grade aeration mesh fosters the evacuation of humidity.
  • Piping reinforces the outer seams and resists cold without cracking.
  • Polyurethane rollerblade wheels mounted on ball bearings (on models with wheels).

Customs fees may be charged upon delivery for orders outside of Canada. No charge for order under 800$ in the USA. For international customers, it should be noted that the bag is made to operate with 110 volts current.

DRYSNAKE Deodorizing cartridges for sport bag with dryer